MUST-WATCH: Here’s Who Was REALLY Behind The Anti-Trump Chicago RIOT! OMG!

For those of you that don’t know, Donald Trump does not advocate violence. You may think this, but he has never once said, “Go hit, beat up, rape, kill, murder, or maim [Insert group of people].”

But that’s not what Democrats, Bernie Sanders Supporters, BLM idiots, or Megyn Kelly would have you believe. They have been preaching that Trump is responsible for the violence at his rallies and speeches. Even though, you know, none of it is his fault and it’s all because Bernie and BLM supporters showed up and threatened people’s lives.

To set the record straight and show that Trump was not responsible at all is YouTube personality Paul Joseph Watson.

Watch below and share this with EVERY Trump supporter and Trump hater you know. This will change their mind with no doubt.

Just remember, there are always 2 sides to every story. Especially one where Trump is called out for inciting violence when he’s caused none.

(Source: YouTube)