While Ted Cruz isn’t as sharp-edged as our main man Donald Trump, Cruz is alright in my book, simply because he upholds the Constitution as it’s written and genuinely cares about the state of the country.

In an interview on his campaign bus with CNN, Cruz laid out why Obama’s gun ban is so harmful to America and how the Obama administration is brainwashing America with anti-gun rhetoric.

It is indeed a must-see video.

CNN reports,

Spirit Lake, Iowa (CNN)Sen. Ted Cruz, who is working to solidify his lead in the crucial early voting state, on Wednesday accused President Barack Obama of wanting to take Americans’ guns away despite his assurances otherwise.

“He’s not telling the truth,” Cruz said flatly during an interview with CNN aboard his campaign bus.

The GOP presidential front-runner here in Iowa, where he is in the middle of a six-day bus tour, argued that the President is focusing on the wrong problem when it comes to curbing gun violence.

“Look, he’s targeting private consensual gun sales between law-abiding citizens and this is what Obama gets wrong over and over again … he can’t distinguish between what good guys and bad guys,” said Cruz.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama unveilied a series of executive actions designed to help prevent gun violence, including expanding background check requirements for private gun sales. The President will make the case for his decision, and try to convince the public more steps are needed, during an hour-long town hall on CNN Thursday night.

In addition to slamming Obama’s executive actions, Cruz defended posting a picture of the President wearing military style garb on his campaign website, with the caption “Obama wants your guns.”

“It is actually quite accurate. This is the most anti-gun president we’ve ever seen,” Cruz said.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Are you glad that Republicans are finally standing up to Obama? I sure as hell am!

(Source: CNN)