MUST-SEE VIDEO: Putin Just Bombed The **** Out Of ISIS Oil Fields . They’re DONE!

Russia’s president, love him or hate him, is a true leader in the sense that when his people are hit by a wave or terrorism, he doesn’t kowtow to their demands. He hits them where they live, and ten times harder.

That’s why today, video emerged from the Russian military, showing ISIS oil fields being bombed. Refining oil is one of the main sources of income for ISIS, and eliminating the source of money means necessarily crippling the organization.

The Independent reports,

The hit forms part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to intensify air strikes against Isis following reports the Metrojet airliner was brought down by a bomb.

After the recent Paris attacks, French President Francois Hollande and Mr Putin have reportedly agreed to combine their efforts in the region.

Video was also released of Russian air strikes hitting a column of oil tankers in the Syrian desert, which they also claimed belonged to Isis.

Here are the videos:

(Source: The Independent)