MUST SEE VIDEO: Hillary Just Admitted To Not Caring What Voters Think! Watch Before It’s Taken Down!

let’s add another item to the ever growing list of reasons as to why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president of anything, let alone the U.S.

Clinton gave her first interview to liberal pundit and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC today and it was nothing out of the ordinary. More lies, liberal jargon, and things that we generally should’t concern ourselves with. But then I heard something that I had to share. Hillary basically just admitted that polling doesn’t matter at all and that she pays no attention to them. In reality, this means that she doesn’t even care about the people voting for her, nor does she think voters matter at all!

Here is the whole interview, but the topic in question starts at 8:20 into the video.

Unbelievable. Who else thinks she needs to be sent away for a long long time?

(Source: YouTube)