MUST-SEE: Rush Limbaugh CONFIRMS That Ted Cruz Is DONE! Trump Will WIN IT ALL!

Rush Limbaugh has been not a massive fan of Trump throughout the election. He’s criticized him on many fronts. That’s because Rush is, and has been for quite some time, an biased-yet-fair source for Conservative news and we respect the heck out of that.

However, there comes a time when even the most staunch reporters and opinion leaders realize what’s happening on the political landscape. And what’s happening is that Trump is crushing Cruz in every way imaginable.

Here’s what Rush had to say on his own website.

“Trump’s simple, straightforward strategy of trying to win in every state, take as much free media as possible, have an inclusion attitude toward getting voters, and appear in front of as many people as possible proved to be sledgehammer against the old way,” the memo said. “And unlike just about every other past self-funder, Trump did not let his campaign take him for a ride.”

“He has just explained the Cruz strategy, which is to realize you can win some states and you can’t win others; so you ignore the states you can’t win. You put your resources toward the states that you can win, in primaries here, and you put your ground game in place,” Limbaugh said.

“You basically have one stump speech, you give it over and over again, and that’s the playbook.  And Mr. Danker says that cannot possibly compete. And that’s the standard, ordinary way of doing things. That’s a Republican consultant’s way of doing things. That’s the playbook, and it can’t compete with somebody likable Donald Trump whose strategy was entirely Trump. Trump said, ‘I’m just gonna win every state. I’m gonna win every state; I’m gonna win every voter.’”

And that’s exactly what’s happening. Trump is winning because of his unconventional way of going about things. He’s winning because the old way is no longer a viable option. Here’s Limbaugh’s whole show.

(Source: Rush Limbaugh)