MUST-SEE: One Soldier’s HILARIOUS Reaction When Airdropped Humvee Parachutes FAIL! HA HA!

Oh man this is insane!

These soldiers are getting a HUGE kick out of watching these HMMWVs getting dropped out of military planes. But they’re not cheering them being dropped. They’re cheering them coming loose from their rigging and slamming into the ground.

This was from the U.S. Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Germany. Commonly referred to as “The Box,” this base has routine exercises around the area. This was one of them that did NOT go as planned.

Watch below and check out the hilarious reactions of the soldiers. I’m dying!


Haha oh man. You can bet someone is going to get a talking to for this. I’ll bet Obama is pissed that he just added to the national debt!

(Source: Facebook)