MUST-SEE: NO ONE Was Listening To Ted Cruz’s Speech In New York…He’s FINISHED!

Well, this is just incredibly embarrassing.

At a Gala event in New York city, Ted Cruz took the stage to try and get people in the supporting mood, since that Super PAC money isn’t going to last forever.

The funny thing was, it looks like no one cared about what he was saying. People were talking amongst themselves, moving around the room and not giving a damn about anything that came out of Cruz’s mouth, which is good because they’re all lies anyway.

Watch as Ted squirms and tries to get the crowd to pay attention. They’re not having it. What chance does he have with America?

Here’s one journalist reporting from the floor:

Donald Trump wouldn’t have been such a pushover. What do you think? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: YouTube)