MUST-SEE: Hillary Got Called Out As A PHONY On Live TV! She’s Going Down IN FLAMES!

So, Hillary Clinton got called out for pandering to people – that’s not new.

What is new is that it’s so egregious and it was done on live TV and radio. It’s extremely cringe worthy and worth sharing with everyone that wants a good laugh.

The clip in question is a snippet from Hillary Clinton’s appearance on New York’s The Breakfast Club morning show. Clinton is asked what is one thing she always carries with her, and without flinching, she says “hot sauce”.

Yes, that really happened. Freaking hot sauce. Not only was she trying to pander hard to the black demographic, but she followed up with a “did it work?” when she’s pressed on it, with rolled eyes and cringes from everyone in the room. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite some time.

Watch and enjoy:

Here’s an instant replay with emphasis on the presenters:

Hillary is going down in flames, and I can’t stop watching!

(Source: YouTube)