MUST-SEE: Famous ISIS-Supporting Muslim Gets CONFRONTED By Christians On LIVE TV!

So here is Islamism in a nutshell:

A radical talking head goes on a public forum and starts spouting nonsense about how the West will pay for its transgressions against Allah, its women will be raped and will submit to his will, and that Muslims will take over the world. Right afterwards, the second someone confronts that person, they run and hide behind the constitution of their country and ask for the right to privacy.

They’re nothing but insecure cowards and this video proves it.

Anjem Choudary is a virulent hateful man that preaches Islamic supremacy and has a fair bit of media attention in the UK. He’s led marches and rallies that seek to impose sharia law on the citizens of the UK and he advocates for violence against those who oppose Islam.

Let’s see what happens when he’s confronted by the Christian group Britain First:


(Source: YouTube)