MUST-SEE: Donald Trump SILENCED All Of His Haters With His EPIC Plan!

Is it just me, or does Trump already seem like the president? With statements like these, it’s readily apparent we need him in the driver’s seat of this country.

North Korea is a crackpot nation led by a child. This we know. What Trump is doing, however, is not going after North Korea. He’s going after China. Why? Because China dismantling NK’s arms and taking them out would greatly benefit trade between the U.S. and other countries in the region.

Trump is already thinking like a president, looking out for the best interests of our country. He also goes into detail about what he would do with ISIS and how destabilizing a region doesn’t make for great foreign policy. It’s a must-watch video:

Is there any doubt anymore? He needs to be in office.

(Source: YouTube)