MUST-SEE: Bill Clinton Tried To Stump A Trump Fan, But Knocked HIMSELF Out Instead!

As far as hecklers go, this guy might be an all time great.

As Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary, he hasn’t caught much blow back from the Trump supporters. That is, until now.

At a campaign stop in Florida, Bill got heckled by a Trump Train rider and the exchange was ridiculous!

Here’s the full video.

What I find interested is that Clinton’s response, to the untrained eye, was eloquent, off the cuff, and well said. However, when you dig deeper into it, you realize that the Clinton foundation itself is a massive fraud and embezzles the money that it put into it by funding the Clinton’s themselves, not any charitable organizations at all.

In fact, the Clintons have been investigated for allegedly paying off donors to the “foundation” in return for political favors and looking the other way while Clinton was serving in the White House.

The thing about calling Hillary is likely just a flat out lie, but that’s what liberals do. Those Clintons just can’t tell the truth – ever.

Also, the heckler is right! The silent majority does stand with Trump and Clinton’s response shows they are scared. The most recent polls in Florida prove that:

(Source: YouTube)