MUST-SEE: Bill Clinton Just Dropped A BOMB On Hillary And Liberals Are FURIOUS!

Wow. Just wow.

The words I’m about to type out 100%, factually, cam our of Bill Clinton’s mouth. “Sometimes I wish we weren’t married.” That was Bill Clinton’s flub of his words, or maybe it wasn’t At a Rally for Hillary, he said that he wished sometimes they weren’t marred, because then he could say what he really thinks.

I’m sure he was talking about the other candidates, but there may be a nugget or truth in there about saying what he wishes he could say about Hillary too. Here are the remarks and the absolutely confounded reactions of the “Morning Joe” and friends reporters directly after.

Maybe Bill’s finally coming to his senses. That’s two separate events saying he wishes he wasn’t married to Hillary. Whatever the context, it’s not something a former president should be saying about his presidential candidate wife.

This can only hurt her chances and that makes me happier than a pig in slop!

(Source: YouTube)