Muslims Sue Cafe Owner Over Discrimination. They Didn’t Expect What Happened Next! OMG!

Another case of special snowflakes trying to take advantage of living in America. But this time justice was served!

The Muslim community living in the United States has no other ulterior motive, it seems, than to make life just miserable for everyone around them. Lawsuits claiming discrimination and Islamophobia are becoming cultural norms in this country. It needs to stop.

This story might put us in the right direction, though. A group of Muslim women were asked to leave a cafe in California recently and are saying that it is a racially charged matter claiming they were thrown out because they are Muslims.

A group of Muslim women filed a lawsuit against a cafe in Laguna Beach, California, accusing the owner of religious discrimination.

One of the plaintiffs, Sara Farsakh, told KCBS-TV that she and six other friends were escorted out of Urth Caffé by police officers for violating the coffee shop’s 45-minute seating policy.

Farsakh, who said she feels “embarrassed, outraged and shocked by the discrimination” she and her friends experienced, explained that the restaurant was half empty at the time they were asked to leave.

“I truly believe had I been sitting there with my friends that were not wearing headscarfs, we would not have been asked to leave,” Farsakh shared. She says other customers who witnessed the April 22 incident told her that they had been there longer than her group, and yet they were not asked to leave.

The offended party then posted a video to Facebook reportedly showing the cafe having many unused tables at the time.

The cafe is saying that their actions were totally justified.

After the suit was filed, the cafe addressed the claims in a statement posted to Facebook, denying the allegations and saying that Farsakh and her friends “violated company policies.”

Urth Caffe categorically denies any and all claims of racial or religious discrimination against Sara Farsakh.

While a full investigation is still on-going, it appears that Ms. Farsakh and her friends violated company policies and that the staff at Urth Caffe in Laguna properly and justifiably applied company procedures.

Urth Caffe neither condones nor tolerates discrimination of any kind. Urth Caffe workforce’s, multicultural customer base and in fact, Urth’s entire corporate culture, are all reliable indicators that Urth appreciates, encourages and lauds peace and diversity.

Urth Caffe sincerely hopes that its customers will withhold judgment until all of the evidence in this case comes to light. Once the evidence is fully revealed, Urth believes that everyone will be satisfied that Urth Caffe continues to serve all of its guests with the same respect and admiration.

– Urth Caffe Team

But this will all come crashing down as their lawsuit will hold no water. Why? Because the owner of the Cafe itself is a Muslim.

The lawsuit itself might have a little more strength if one of the two owners, the one who authorized the call to the police in the first place, was not herself a Muslim woman.

At first, this sounds like a case of bigoted discrimination, until you get down to the facts. Then you realize it’s just another entitled whiner looking for attention.

Seems to be another case of Muslims trying to make everyone cater to their fragile mindsets. How about we give this post a share to let all your friends know how these people operate.

(Source: The Blaze and Conservative Tribune)