Muslims Kill More Than 700 Of Their OWN PEOPLE In Islamic Ritual! This Is INSANITY!

Whenever terrorist attacks happen, people always cry out to the “moderate” Muslim community to denounce the acts of terror, but there’s always silence, and here’s why.

The Hajj, an Islamic holy site near the city of Mecca, is where people gather every day as an experience to become closer to Allah, except for the fact that as a part of the ritual, it includes a stampede that regularly kills hundreds, if not thousands people that have fallen.

These people are literally crushed to death by a Muslim mob, I can’t think of a worse way to go. Recently, the stampede has claimed the lives of over 700 people, with no one held accountable. This is absolutely outrageous, but it speaks volumes about the state of what “moderate” Muslims think is perfectly acceptable.

(Source: YouTube)