Muslims Allowed To KEEP Terrorist “JIHAD” License Plate! The Reason…OMG!

America has lost it’s collective mind.

As we move more and more into a PC culture that rewards people for having racist connotations (Black Lives Matter) and vilifying Christians (CAIR), we have another story that will be sure to make your face cringe while audibly saying, “What The ****!?” A Muslim couple in Missouri has a custom license plate saying, I kid you not, “Jihad 1.”

Here’s the photo proof it actually exists.

What’s even more concerning is that the couple named their child Jihad and many others are saying it has nothing to do with a “holy war.”

A personalized license plate that reads ‘JIHAD 1’ has been allowed in the state of Missouri.

A St Louis news station was contacted by a viewer who spotted the license plate and found it ‘insulting’ before sending an email with the subject line, ‘WHAT WAS THE DMV THINKING!!!!’

The viewer said he found the plate ‘a bit scary especailly (sic) with the latest shootings in San Bernardino’, referencing the terror attack that left 14 people dead in California last December, News 4┬áreported.

The family also noted that Jihad, a traditional Muslim name, has a spiritual meaning for Muslims, contrary to violence and terrorism associations with the word.

‘Jihad is very common and it doesn’t mean Holy War,’ Faizan Syed, the executive director of the St Louis Chapter Council on American Islamic Relations told News 4.

‘It means someone who is struggling, so when you name your kid Jihad, it means someone who is going to struggle to be better.’

However, he added that the word ‘has the ability to confuse’ and said since the average American thinks of Jihad as a certain thing, ‘it’s probably better for this individual not to use it.’

Let’s look up the word Jihad, shall we? Here’s a screen shot when you type “Define Jihad” into google.


So right off the bat we can see two things: 1) Jihad most certainly means holy war and 2) it does not mean the struggle to be better, it means a spiritual struggle within against sin. So now we know that this CAIR representative is not only lying, but trying to deceive the American people into thinking something that Muslims and Jihad are not.

Worst of all, the license plate will stay even though there’s previous evidence of a plate rejection with nearly the exact same wording.

In Illinois, the word Jihad is banned from being used on license plates, according to the station.

After examining the policies for granting or denying personalized license plates, a Department of Revenue representative told them they had no legal authority to deny the word.

However, a similar personalized license plate that read ‘J1HAD’ was rejected by the state in 2009.

Unreal. What next, renaming a street bombing drive? This is inexcusable and offensive to every single American

(Source: Daily Mail)