Muslim Truck Drivers Refuse To Do Their Jobs, Obama Gives Them $240,000. WHAT?!

How backward is our legal system right now? I’m sure Obama is behind this. Oh wait! He is!

Recently, the Obama administration has ignored many lawsuits from Christians about same sex marriage. Mainly because liberals support non-traditional marriage. But what’s most concerning about that is that these Christians are being ignored and muslims are having their demands and lawsuits met and won with surprising speed and efficiency.

This story comes to us from Fox News and tells the tale of two muslim truck drivers that won $240,000. Was it because they were being harassed in the workplace over their religion? Was it because they were accused of being terrorists when they were not? Nope, it was because they didn’t want to do their job.

This is unreal. When will the country wake up and notice that Obama and his administration are allowing muslims to run roughshod over this entire land and legal system. We need someone to stop this!

(Source: YouTube)