Muslim Says “Radical Islam Does Not Exist” And Gets DESTROYED On LIVE TV! WHOA!

This right here should be shown to EVERY American to truly expose Islamism for the hateful ideology it truly is.

Popular pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress went on one of our favorite shows, “Hannity,” to debate with a Muslim Imam (the equivalent of a Christian Priest in the Islamic faith) how Obama has handled things in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks. It started off with Jeffress saying that Obama hasn’t done enough, as it the norm with him, in the wake of the attacks to denounce it as an Islamic terror attack. Jeffress then went on to say that it is, in fact, Islam that is causing all the problems.

The Imam, Mohammad Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, retaliated saying that the term radical Islam should not be used, saying, “it is either radical or Islam, but it can’t be both.” Now, we all know that this isn’t true as the Koran preaches to find and kill non believers . Well Jeffress knows this and absolutely tore down that argurment with a BRUTAL truth bomb. Watch below as Jeffress crushes the Imam’s arguement with cold, hard facts.

BOOM! You can’t argue with the truth. Islam is a hateful religion and there’s no getting around that.

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(Source: YouTube)