Muslim Refugees Were Told “You Can Do One Thing…OR GET OUT!” The People Have SPOKEN!

As we continue to get an influx of immigrants and refugees spreading throughout the world, German is taking actions to help mitigate the risk of taking on so many.

We should really take notes because it’s possible that Obama bring over more than we can handle before he’s out of office. Germany is about to implement what could be the most important piece of refugee legislation and law that the world has ever seen. Essentially, they are telling refugees to assimilate into Germany society, don’t cause any sort of mess, and if they do, they’ll be sent packing and deported.

This is something we should all do.


The German interior minister has said migrants will be denied permanent residence if they refuse to fit in to German society.

Although Germany has remained steadfastly pro-migrant through the crisis, despite being the focus of much social upheaval and enormous costs, Germans are growing more wary of multiculturalism and there is some desire for newcomers to attempt to fit in. Playing to that, Mr. de Maizière said yesterday there has to be “a connection between the successful completion of integration and how long you are permitted to stay in Germany”.

To realise this aim, he announced the government would be introducing a new integration law next month, reportsDer Tagesspiegel. Any migrant who refuses to integrate into German society by refusing to take German language lessons or to look for a job will be deported under the new plan.

GOOD! Send them home if they can’t assimilate and become part of a greater culture than the one they came from.

(Source: Breitbart)