Muslim Mayor Of London Calls Trump Ignorant. Trump FIRES BACK HARD!

WOW! This is an EPIC response to someone who has ties to terrorism.

Last week we reported that Sadiq Kahn has ties to terrorist organizations as well as radical Islamic leaders and has attended radical Islamic rallies all over the world. Kahn, since then, has been in a war of words with Trump over his Muslim ban policy calling it “ignorant.” We all know that’s not the truth and that the Muslim ban is to properly vet people coming into America to prevent terror attacks.

Trump is now firing back at Kahn and it’s EPIC! Watch below.

It is ignorant for KAHN to completely dismiss that Muslims and Islamic extremists do not exist and that a ban on Muslims is a bad line of thinking. He’s Muslim so I get why he’s dismissing this, but how can you have such a blind world view especially when you are the new Mayor of one of the 10 largest cities on the face of the planet.

The sooner the world wakes up, the better. You don’t see Christians and Jews strapping bombs to themselves and running into places to blow them up. GET A CLUE!

(Source: YouTube)