Muslim Leader Shocks Liberals With The Ugly Truth About Islam They Will Never Admit

According to many in the world today, “multiculturalism” is a good thing. We like to have warm and fuzzy thoughts about everyone respectfully learning about other cultures, like the whole world is on one long, educational vacation, holding hands and singing Kumbaya (or whatever other cultures sing when they want to be friends).

However, that western view of how our cultures should mesh isn’t a great representation of how they actually will, according to those who’ve actually lived in other cultures.

Via Breitbart News:

The London terrorist attacks that killed seven people and injured another 48 should be blamed on “unchecked multiculturalism” according to an Australian Muslim sheikh.

Adelaide Shia imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi took to Twitter following the United Kingdom’s third jihadist attack in 10 weeks and made his claim about the reasons for the latest terrorist carnage.

“Terrorism in the UK is growing week after week. Having extremists within our societies is not multiculturalism, it’s suicide,” he tweeted to his 34,200 followers on Sunday.

The 34-year-od Iranian-born religious leader moved to Australia from Iraq aged 12. He told Daily Mail Australia  “unmonitored multiculturalism is to blame” for the bloody overnight assault by jihadists shouting, “This is for Allah”.

“We need to make sure that those coming into the West really want to be part of the West,” he said.

 Sheikh Tawhidi supports a temporary ban on Muslims traveling from the Middle East and believes jihadists had a history of attending mosques that promoted hardline sharia law derived from the Koran.

“The majority of mosques advocate for sharia law without removing the violent parts,” he said, adding the imam who preached to the three London terrorists needs to be held responsible.

As for the causes of the increasing number of radical Islamist terrorist attacks both in the UK and across Europe, Tawhidi cited ideology not unemployment.

This is not some entitled western voice of oppression speaking out against those less fortunate. This is someone who’s real world experience with the culture that we’re so willing to embrace tells him that it’s incompatible.

Just because you hug someone in a suicide vest, doesn’t mean it won’t go off, it just means you’ll die quicker, and be blown into smaller bits.

(Source: Breitbart News