Muslim Leader Gets Schooled By Christian Woman When He Says Radical Islam Doesn’t Exist

Sean Hannity isn’t one to back down from a verbal firefight, and sometimes it seems like he lights a match just to watch his guests burn.

However, putting together the head of the “Islamic house of wisdom” Imam Mohammad Ali Elah, former Marine Steven Gern & “Act for America” president Brigitte Gabriel is just almost sadistic.

Hannity asked them to talk about the term “radical Islam” and the fact that many people, namely politicians, won’t even say the term. They say that it unnecessarily vilifies a typically peaceful religion.

President Trump hit this point hard many times on the campaign trail, noting that former President Trump and also Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton both refused to use the term,  saying that it would alienate countries where they hoped to grow friendships.

The progressive school of thought is that Islam has gotten a bad name and that its followers don’t really want to chop people’s head off for disagreeing with them, or stone women for not covering their heads. The cuddly, PR-friendly version of the religion would have us believe that those are antiquated beliefs that should be taken seriously. This couldn’t be further from reality.

If that were true, and if the followers of Islam aren’t required to act like vicious barbarians, why wouldn’t they want to separate themselves from the devotees that go overboard?  They don’t deny that killings are happening, and they don’t deny that those people claim to be Muslim, so why the aversion to separating themselves from that faction?

Is it possible that followers of this very serious belief system are scared of getting anywhere near denying their faith? Surely their Muslim brothers wouldn’t consider this apostasy and dole out any punishment.

One can totally see a person’s point if they don’t want to be called radical and evil.  Even if they are in denial about what their own religion teaches them to be evil, we should be very wary of those who ignore (or deny) that the evil exists.