Muslim Lawyer: It’s A Man’s ‘National Duty’ To Rape Women Who Expose Their Legs

A prominent Egyptian lawyer disgusted humane viewers of an Arabic TV show by claiming that women who wore revealing jeans deserved to get raped. He went so far as to imply that men should be proud of abusing such women, calling it men’s “national duty.”

The bloody spectacle in Syria and Afghanistan has pulled attention away from Egypt. The country is run by Islamic madmen, but they’ve managed to retain stronger bonds with the U.S. than their neighbors.

Women in Egypt lead better lives than those in Syria or Iraq, but not by much. The lunatic who called it a national duty to rape women who wore ripped jeans should be immediately disbarred. It’s insane that he’s still representing clients.

Attorney Nabih al-Wahsh is used to controversy.

“Last year,” the Daily Mail writes, “he appeared on a talk show with an Australia-based imam who argued that wearing a hijab – a headscarf – is a choice and not a religious requirement for Muslim women… This infuriated Al-Wahsh, who took off his shoe and beat the imam round the head with it…”

Conservative Islam encourages violence among its adherents. Few Christians would physically attack a pastor on live TV, but al-Wahsh’s behavior practically went unnoticed.

The myth that Islam treats its women well needs to die. Liberals (and a lot of suffering Muslims) wish that the religion promoted gender equality, but it doesn’t. To pretend otherwise is absurd.

Al-Wahsh not only confidently expressed his opinion about when men should rape women, he seemed flabbergasted when the show’s other guests didn’t instantly agree with him.

(Source: Daily Mail)