Muslim Journalist Said “White People Can’t Understand Islam!”, Gets KNOCKED OUT Instantly!

This is one of the most ridiculous exchanges I’ve seen in a long time.

Muslim and Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal was on CNN and decided to tell Buck Sexton, an analyist for The Blaze and former CIA analyst that he doesn’t understand Islam or Muslims. What most people won’t know about her is that she’s a victim of Islam and still defends it to this day. Seriously, go look at her Wikipedia page – and she called a former CIA analyst a liar when he probably knows more about Islam and the Middle East than she does.

She also brought race into it, showing that no matter what it always comes down to race with these people. You’re immediately discredited when you’re not a Muslim which is just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. And this, of course, while talking about the terror attacks in Brussels which leads me to believe that, in a way, she’s defending the coward attackers by telling us that “we don’t understand Islam.”

Oh I understand it alright. Islamists wants all non-Islamists dead.

Here’s the exchange.

Absolutely sickening. Whoever employs this woman should immediately fire her.

(Source: YouTube)