Muslim Immigrants Admit “ISIS Is Among Us!” This Is PROOF Trump Was RIGHT!

As we’ve seen over the past few months, countries in Europe that adopted an open borders policy with Muslim immigrants paid a price with sexual assaults and murders happening at startling rates.

When this happened, Donald Trump suggested a ban on immigrants and refugees from all Muslim countries until we know what’s going on – a policy that’s proving to be one of the most level-headed of any politician so far, because it’s the one thing keeping us from being another France, Germany, or Sweden.

In a new video from the aforementioned Germany, Syrian refugees freely admit that agents of the Islamic State are among their ranks, operating freely and without consequence. It’s a chilling video, but it’s a must-share to anyone that still believes these people still pose no threat. Of course there are good people in the group, but it only takes one grenade to spoil the bunch of apples.

Watch the video below:

(Source: YouTube)