MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Just Got Rough News About Her Career

Rachel Maddow is pulverizing the competition. Her brash, in-your-face style is like catnip for angry liberals. Unfortunately for MSNBC, conservatives are gearing up to knock Maddow off of her throne. Fox News admits that its daily line-up is being re-organized. ”

Bill O’Reilly was the champion of talk show news before his private, off-screen drama stated bleeding into his show. He was booted from Fox News and Maddow quickly stepped into the vacuum he created.

You won’t get to hear O’Reilly talking about the no spin zone anytime soon, but Fox News still hopes to siphon back some of Maddow’s popularity. Conservative personality Laura Ingraham is joining the network while Sean Hannity’s show is switching times. Hannity and Maddow will soon go head to head at the same time slot.

“Ingraham will challenge the decision makers to focus on everyday, hard-working Americans who serve as the backbone of the nation. The program will also highlight the importance of faith in our nation and reveal stories that showcase the American spirit,” reads a network press release.

Ingraham and Hannity are both heavy-hitters. Maddow’s fans won’t abandon her to watch Hannity, but conservatives that aren’t currently following nightly news shows might be tempted to tune into Hannity.

(Source: Dailymail)