MSNBC Tried To Embarass Ted Cruz On Live TV And It Backfired In Their Faces

Hurricane Harvey is still dumping rain and destruction over Texas, but MSNBC decided to waste airtime questioning Ted Cruz about a vote he made a couple of years ago. Don’t judge the network too harshly. The fake news machine has to keep chugging somehow.

MSNBC ruined a perfect interview opportunity. An image of Cruz standing inside a hurricane relief shelter should have prompted better questions than what their reporter came up with, which was to badger him about Hurricane Sandy.

The senator voted against a federal relief package for Sandy victims a couple years ago. Obviously the devastation in Texas will require huge injections of money to be fixed, and much of it will have to come from Congress. MSNBC attempted to do a “ha ha, you ask for help for yourself while denying it to others” bit on air but Cruz shut that down real quick.

“The accurate thing to say is that I and others enthusiastically and emphatically supported hurricane relief. The problem with that particular bill was that it turned into a $50 billion bill that was filled with unrelated pork. Two-thirds of that bill had nothing to do with Sandy,” Cruz responded. “It’s not right for politicians to exploit a disaster…to pay for their own political wishlist.”

Leveraging a disaster for political gains is an ugly thing to do. Too bad MSNBC’s reporters don’t realize that.

(Source: Louder With Crowder)