MSNBC Host SNAPS When His Co-Host Tries To Insult Ivanka Trump. I Did NOT See This Coming.

There is usually a sort of “great divide” between the mainstream media and the conservative media. We both like to take shots at one another for bias and nobody’s opinion usually changes. Generally speaking though, the lefties all have one another’s backs and congratulate each other for every cheap shot taken at conservatives, because it’s all in the name of the liberal agenda.

Unfortunately for MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski though, her co-host Joe Scarborough has had just about all he can take of her particular brand of snark and criticism.

Talk about awkward. You kind of feel sorry for her, if you haven’t been watching her vindictive and systematic attacks on conservatives.

Scarborough decided to make a social media apology to her later:

Well, sort of an apology. He later clarified in a way which makes is feel about as informed as most of MSNBC’s stories:

There you have it; sometimes even the mainstream media can’t stand the mainstream media.

At least it’s not just us.

(H/T: Media Ite)