MSNBC Host Goes Off Script And Tells The Trump-Hating Guest That He’s Full Of Crap

Question: How do you know when you’ve gone too far as a liberal Trump-hater? Answer: When MSNBC has to reel you back in.

MSNBC and other major news networks have been leading the charge against the Trump dynasty and anyone who associates themselves with them is automatically in danger of being painted as a Soviet sympathizer, and worthy of political death. Sometimes, their mock patriotism runs away with them so fast that they sorta skip over the proof part, and skip right to measuring necks for nooses.

Case in point:

Via Conservative Tribune:

. . . under the law, a foreign agent is anyone who acts to advance the interests of a foreign government or foreign government official — a standard that has not been met by any evidence presented against Kushner.

In fact, even if the senior Trump advisor did seek to open a “back channel” to the Russian government, anonymous White House officials told The Associated Press that Kushner’s request was part of a diplomatic effort to address the conflict in Syria.

There’s no evidence that he did so in order to advance the interests of the Russians. And even an MSNBC host apparently knows it.

One item of note that I almost missed when watching this video is that you’ll see in the video very briefly (starting around 28 seconds and lasting until about 32 seconds) this expert’s name appears on the screen. Naveed Jamali is his name and credentials are “FBI Double Agent.” So, that’s cool, I guess if he’s a double agent he would know about people working for more than one side. He’d also be a grade A liar. Just a thought.

The MSNBC anchor did try to stay true to her mission by painting Jared and Ivanka as dirty filthy rich capitalists there at the end, but even she had to admit that what Jamali is accusing Jared of is quite a stretch. I guess they’ve moved completely on from just reporting the news in favor of being the news.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)