MSNBC Host Gets Epic Wake Up Call From America When He Tried To Brainwash His Viewers. NOPE!

Maybe the love that the Democrats have for referencing Watergate stems from the fact that someone had to break the law in order to break the case. And we know how much Democrats love a good excuse for breaking the law. Regardless, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes all but comes out and accuses President Trump of some sort of Nixonian scandal, and promises to be there to dance on his grave when he’s prosecuted for it.

It’s yet to be revealed what “facts” are causing this line of reasoning (and brainwashing), but I guess that’s the hook.

Clearly, they’re desperate to find something to nail President Trump on, but it sure seems like somebody should lose their jobs for just making crap up. Unfortunately, the world of journalism sometimes resembles a massive nationwide (and sometimes worldwide) game of telephone. It’s hard to pinpoint where the information broke down since everybody can just say “that’s not the way I heard it.”

Let’s just go ahead and say, too, if President Trump were doing any of the things that they say he is, and were investigated for illegal activity, I think he’d just be acting like a democrat. So are they really looking for the truth, or just trying to find payback for their criminal enterprise being blown out of the water 40 years ago. Either way, there doesn’t seem to be anything to find, and if there were, you know it would be plastered across Time Square by now.

Keep it up guys, you might stumble into figuring out what investigative journalism is if you keep looking this hard for something to pin on the POTUS. Worst case scenario it keeps them busy for a while.

(Source: Youtube)