MSNBC Host Calls On ISIS To Bomb Trump Tower, Liberal Media Covers It Up

President Trump and the news media make no bones about disliking one another. At this point, it’s just about an all out war between the two. On the one hand, the free press is an invaluable thing and no one would want to squash that. And on the other, we’ve got the Commander in Chief that is used to winning just about everything.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be very difficult to win other people’s thoughts. Yes, he won them enough to be elected, but I don’t think this is ever going to be a unanimous situation. Socialists like what we have with liberals and the media are always going to be the natural enemy of a capitalist like President Trump.

So the question becomes; when is it the protected free speech that we all value so much, and when is it a call to arms against the leader of the free world. I would say that what this MSNBC contributor did falls into the last category.

They say that there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity, but this guy seems to have found it with no problem. While that tweet has been removed, this is a picture that was taken of it before it’s removal.


Unfortunately, Nance isn’t alone in his desire for violence to avenge the democrat’s loss last November. Actor, comedian and flaming liberal Patton Oswald encouraged similar actions shortly after the election.oswalt29f-1-web

His tweet was also later deleted, but as is true with just about everything on the internet, a copy lives on, and the world can see what you consider acceptable. Careful liberals, your true colors are starting to show through, and it’s not pretty.

Not only that, but “fact-checking” website Snopes published an article, saying that Nance calling on ISIS to bomb Trump Tower was “not credible,” even though that’s exactly what he tweeted. According to Snopes,

“We found no evidence to support the claim that Nance was advocating a terrorist strike on a Trump-licensed building in Istanbul. Instead, based on Nance’s current high profile position as a counterterrorism expert and his decades-long career of military service fighting terrorism, it’s not credible to assert that his tweet, while perhaps poorly worded, was in fact advocating terrorism.”



No word yet if MSNBC is going to stand behind their man, or if there will be some sort of retribution for Nance after his inflammatory comments. Here’s hoping the Secret Service gets wind of it and puts in their two cents.

(Source: Youtube, Newsbusters)