MSNBC Finally Went Too Far. This Means WAR.

It’s been evident for quite some time that real journalism is dead. We’ve been left with political agenda peddling instead of reporting and argumentative yelling in the place of open dialog.

As people began to accept that the news just isn’t going to be objective, the mainstream media seems to have doubled down on their political agenda, sometimes getting pretty in our faces about it.

Such is the case with MSNBC’s one-word chyron that has caught the attention of many less than impressed Americans.

It’s consistently been unclear as to what exactly the “resistance” wants us to “resist”. Donald Trump, obviously because he’s some sort of big bad bully that stole the election from poor Hillary. Then after that, it gets a little muddy.

Maybe we’re supposed to be resisting the travel ban, but we always go back to the fact that Obama did the same thing. Maybe Obamacare repeal, but a whole lot of Americans who saw their insurance coverage destroyed don’t want to resist that. Oh, we should resist lowering taxes . . . wait, that’s not right either.

Liberals want to make themselves out to be victimized by the current administration when the reality of the matter is that they’ve been acting like unchecked children, ruling the roost and getting away with it because daddy was gone. Now that we have an authoritative figure in the White House that is willing to hold people to the standard of the Constitution and the will of the people, these out of control children are screaming bloody murder, and their mantra is “resist.”

If you’ve ever tried to get an out of control child in check, you know that they resist too, it’s par for the course. Consistency is the key; make sure they know that you’re onto them and you’re fed up. If we stay consistent long enough, we just might right the ship. It’s not going to be fun, but the alternative is being ruled by bad tempers and worse attitudes for the rest of our lives.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)