Mothers Of Officers Killed By Illegals UNLOAD On Michelle Obama’s Anti-Cop BULLS**T!

One of the biggest hot button issues of this entire election cycle has been illegal immigration. Republicans keep speaking out against it and Democrats keep ignoring that it’s a problem. Trump wants to build a wall, Hillary says that’s racist. It’s all been one massive back and fourth.

The problem with the Liberal arguments against the wall and immigration reform is that their arguments are incredibly weak. The facts speak for themselves. The United States loses $500 billion a year because of illegal immigration and there are countless crimes, including drug smuggling and murders, by illegals every year that the Liberals just seem to think get swept under the rug as “collateral damage.” This is something that Michelle Obama alluded to in her idiotic speech, and it’s something that Obama champions with his DREAM Act, a law that allows permanent residency for illegal aliens who manage to make it through 2 years of government-funded college.

Well, here to prove once and for all that their rhetoric on immigration is totally bunk are two victims whose lives have been torn apart.

Now they’re tearing apart the Liberal narrative and it’s the best thing I’ve seen all week!

The second woman, Sabine Durden, brings up possibly the single best point we’ve heard on the issue. The Liberals continue to say that illegals are just trying to escape the violence and poverty of Mexico and that they are “dreamers” who wish for a better life. The problem with that is the statistics behind the “escape Mexico” argument are invalid. Less than 30% of all illegal immigrants are of Mexican descent that cross the southern border.

It’s not just illegal Mexican immigrants everyone, it’s also Syrians, South Americans, Muslims, and everything else you can think of. Why were ISIS operatives stopped at our southern border? That wasn’t an accident, people! This is something that we need to control. Without a border, there is no such thing as a country.

Here are these two women speaking at the most recent Republican National Convention:

These brave women speak out against something that is tearing our country apart. We need Trump and his wall now!

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