Morgan Freeman Went On Live TV And Told Black America The Hard Truth That No Liberal Wants To Admit

In the pursuit of truth, we sometimes get caught up in party lines and ideological groups and we end up assuming we know what people are going to believe. But as a news source, especially, we would be remiss if we didn’t credit someone, anyone, for breaking the mold and speaking truth.

Morgan Freeman did just that in an interview with CNN when he was asked about race.

It couldn’t have been easy being a black person in Memphis in 1937. Those folks did have some things to overcome and if anybody should be ticked off with white people, it’s the African American’s his age. If the BLM had a point, he should have joined them, but Freeman has no beef with America because he’s seen what the opportunity is.

“Opportunity” doesn’t mean “guarantee,” I think some people get that mixed up. Just because the possibility is out there, doesn’t mean you just get to slouch your way through and have it handed to you. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, just that it would be doable. I’m truly sorry for the thousands of young black people in America today who believe that something is being withheld from them, but I’m even more sorry to know the truth; nothing is being withheld, life is just really hard, most of the time.

If he’s right, and “everybody can,” what should you be doing?

(Source: Facebook)