More Muslims Tried To Enter France After The Attacks. France Says NOT SO FAST!

Tension has been high in Paris and throughout France since the terror attacks earlier this month, but France is locking down on allowing more people into it’s country.

And there hasn’t been a terror attack since. Showing that closing the borders and slowing immigration does work when it comes to immigrants and refugees. It’s the largest number France has seen since re-establishing border controls after the Paris terror attacks.

france border

Nearly 1,000 people have been stopped from entering Franc since border controls were reestablished following the 13 November Paris attacks, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Saturday. Nearly 2,000 premises have been searched and 34 “hate preachers” were in the process of being deported, he said.

 ‘Nearly 1,000 people have been prevented from entering the territory because these people could constitute a danger to public order and our country’s security,’ Cazeneuve said on a visit to Strasbourg.
Five people have been deprived of French nationality and two mosques closed since a state of emergency was declared on 14 November, he said, adding that nearly 2,000 premises have been searched, 300 people placed under house arrest, 212 people have been detained and 318 weapons seized.
Yes! Go France! They are taking no prisoners and dealing with ISIS the way the U.S. should be dealing with it. We look to France for the example, but when a Republican is in office, we will perfect anti-ISIS deportation and wipe them out!
(Source: RFI)