Mob Of Muslim Immigrants Find A Pregnant Woman And Do This SICKENING Thing!

Afghan protestors walk with sticks, as they carry a wounded colleague during a demonstration to condemn the burning of a copy of the Muslim holy book by a U.S. Florida pastor, in Kandahar southern of Afghanistan on Saturday, April. 2, 2011. The governor's office in Kandahar has raised the death toll to nine in a Quran burning protest that turned violent in southern Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Allauddin Khan)

This is the lowest of the low. Spread this EVERYWHERE. People need to know the truth about immigrants.

Just when it seems like muslim immigrants could stoop no lower than they already have, exactly that happens. As Germany continues to be a hot spot for Immigrant activity, due to it allowing so many muslim immigrants in from Iraq and Syria because of the violence in the middle east, it continues to show what can really happen when you let in many immigrants without a proper vetting process. Germany welcomed many immigrants and now its citizens are paying the price.

Take this story for example. Reports are saying that muslims are now attacking pregnant women. This is sickening.


A heavily pregnant woman was attacked by six migrants in Germany as reports continue to flood in of “refugees” sexually assaulting women following the mass molestation in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

The incident occurred last week in the Germany town of Lübben, which has a population of just 14,000 people.

The 18-year-old woman was walking down the street near a retirement home at around 9:30am when she was surrounded by the six “foreign looking men” and “touched inappropriately,” according to a report by Lausitzer Rundschau.

The woman, who was injured during the ordeal, was able to escape when a man who saw the assault stepped in and distracted the attackers.

Thank God for that good samaritan. These ruthless thugs and backward thinking rejects have no place in our society.

The incident is just the latest example of Muslim migrants importing a stone-age belief system that treats women as second class citizens.

Sexual assaults on women and even children are now becoming so common that some swimming pools in Germany are placing a blanket ban on migrants using the facilities.

Good for Germany stepping in, but it’s not enough. We need true change and that change is sending all immigrants back to the middle east. They do not belong in our society.

(Source: Infowars)