Mike Pence Heads Home, Teams Up With Big Name Democrat – This Will Shake Things Up

President Trump isn’t the only one teaming up with the Democrats. Vice President Mike Pence is headed home to Indiana and he’s bringing along some liberal firepower. Pence plans to work with Sen. Joe Donnelly to garner support for the administration’s tax reform plans.

Donnelly, who holds a vulnerable position in his staunchly red state, was among a group of Democrats invited to dine with Trump last week.

The Republican party is coming apart at the seams. The Trump administration is forging a new path for conservatives. Establishment liberals-in-disguise like John McCain are losing their influence. The Democrats are doing even worse, but there are a few reasonable ones left.

“If Republicans can hold their ranks together, however, they will not need Democratic support for tax reform. They plan on using a budgetary measure called reconciliation to sidestep a Democratic filibuster in the Senate, which would require 60 votes to break,” The Hill writes.

It’s not clear, however, that Republicans can hold it together. The old and new ranks of the party are pitted against each other. They can’t agree on anything. Trump’s agenda has been frozen in Congress because of Republican mismanagement.

Securing Democratic support for tax reform may not be necessary, but it obviously won’t hurt.

(Source: The Hill)