Mike Huckabee UNLEASHES On Hillary On LIVE TV For STEALING The Election

Another day, another story about the Democrats rigging, lying, and cheating. This time it comes courtesy of the Democratic party rigging their own primary to favor Hillary Clinton. As the story goes, Wikileaks released emails about how, within the Democratic party, DNC staffers were favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders despite the party’s insistence on it being impartial. Yeah, right.

To comment on, by our count, the 5th Dem scandal this month, Mike Huckabee was on Fox & Friends yesterday as the news broke. What he said mirrored our thoughts exactly.

In another interview with Greta van Susteren, Huckabee gave us an insanely quotable line that should go down as one of the greatest of any election in modern times.┬áHe said, “Hillary Clinton has more baggage than Delta Airlines.”

Haha! However hilarious that may be, it seems that trend is going to continue as Hillary has hired disgraced DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hillary Clinton has hired soon-to-be-former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. DWS will resign from her position effective at the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention. It was revealed that the DNC was effectively working to sabotage Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during the Democratic primary, prompting calls for her to resign.

Clinton emailed supporters and said that Schultz would join the campaign as “honorary chair” of the 50-state program to ensure Democrats win elections nationwide. Wasserman Schultz will continue to serve as a Clinton surrogate.

Looks like that baggage will continue to gain extra weight. What Hillary is doing and what the Democrats are doing is nothing new in politics and that’s the problem. The system is broken because of the deceit, lies, and general internal power struggle the Democrats have forged for decades. Now that it’s in the open, what do they do? Hire the architect of the lies ,Wasserman Schultz, by the queen of all lies, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Dems just show how bad the system has become. Thankfully, Trump shows us exactly how we can beat them and take back America for the people that actually have brains.

(Sources: Town Hall and YouTube)