Mike Cernovich Gets Into The White House Press Room And Calls Out The Biased Liberal Media, Right To Their Shocked Faces

We here at Yes I’m Right like to think that some of you enjoy our articles and they make you think for yourselves a bit. Yes, we have Right leaning views, but a lot of what we write is meant to start a conversation. This is a diametric opposition to what the liberal media writes.

Everywhere you turn you can find hit pieces on Trump, Trump supporters, and anyone with a right-wing political stance. It was seen during the election as Trump supporters constantly saw radical left-wing “protesters” show up to Trump rallies to antagonize and physically assault them. No one in the liberal media has called out those people while many on the right, including Trump himself, have distanced themselves from the radical right.

No one has called out the liberal media to their face in such a succinct and brutal manner as Mike Cernovich just did. At yesterday’s White House press briefing, after it had concluded, Cernovich called out the entirety of the WH press corps to their face for not distancing themselves from ANTIFA and the radical left.

This is something we all need to see. Every American needs to see this. As Cernovich called them out, we see no remorse or guilt or anything that resembles sadness or accountability. And this is the left’s agenda; only reports what you believe to be true if it serves your purpose and damn the facts to the contrary.

If you think that Cernovich was in the right for doing this, share this everywhere. Show that the liberal media bias is coming to and end and we’re all on the them.