In Middle Of NFL Stars Kneeling For Anthem, That’s When Donald Trump Does It

President Trump won’t be cowed. The NFL’s belligerence is being wasted. During Sunday’s games, the president unleashed a flurry of tweets praising American patriots and denouncing those who disrespect the flag.

Trump was elected because he’s vibrant, strong man who eschews political buzzwords and instead speaks from the gut. He doesn’t approve of the NFL player’s protest, and he’s not going to hide his feelings about it.

Sunday’s games were historic. Every team in the league participated in the protest in some way. America’s attention has been riveted. Most people agree the players’ protest is stupid, but they also recognize their right to do it.

The controversy shows no signs of quieting down. The left has latched onto taking a knee as a trendy thing to do. Junior sports leagues are already following the NFL’s example, with players as young as five opting to sit during the anthem.

A noxious political climate is brewing. Democrats are angry, and they’re taking their rage out on society. Taking a knee during the anthem, while rude, is an actually an improvement of their usual methods.

The NBA is also embroiled in the scandal.

“ Trump also bragged that the Pittsburgh Penguins would visit the White House to celebrate their Stanley Cup championship after the Golden State Warriors turned down an offer after Trump slammed MVP Stephen Curry for criticizing him,” writes the New York Post.

(Source: New York Post)