Michelle Obama Bashed Trump But Didn’t Expect This Sheriff To KNOCK HER OUT!

When people say that Michelle Obama was a good First Lady, I feel like they need their head examined. Earlier this week, the First Lady, the same lady that once talked about how she had never been proud of the country, denounced the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump and his policies.

According to her, She wakes up in a house built by slaves, and America does not “build up walls to keep people out.”

Actually, Michelle, yeah – we do. That’s sort of what a country is. It’s a border between cultures and a physical border between lands. The border between Juarez and El Paso may be made of concrete, but what it represents is opportunity and safety on one side, and lawlessness and poverty on the other.

Here’s her misguided speech, told to privileged kids that have likely taken on an unsurmountable amount of debt to get there. Good luck finding a job with your Gender Studies degrees:

What Michelle doesn’t get, and that most Republicans do, is that without borders and without an understanding of the very real threats in the world, we don’t have a country. America as we know it would cease to be, and the reason why liberals don’t see it like that is strictly because they’re isolated from these threats.

They’re too young to know what socialism really looks like. They’re too inexperienced to know that giving your money to the government creates more problems than it solves, and they’re too naive to know that they need to stop blaming other people for their failings in life and get their s**t together.

That’s why Sheriff Clarke, a long-time idol of mine, has spoken out against Michelle Obama and her brand of divisive rhetoric. I can’t stop cheering him on.

Clarke says:

“She said, ‘Thank you for allowing me to share this final commencement speech with you.’ That means no other college graduating class will have to hear this racial and divisive demagoguery from their First Lady of the United States.”

He speaks as a man that is tired of every PC liberal trying to turn this country inside out. The good thing is that the silent majority isn’t standing around anymore. We are fighting back, and we’re taking the country back. I can’t wait until January.