Michelle Malkin EXPOSED The REAL Reason Why Obama Never Defends Cops.

If all you’ve been watching is the liberal mainstream media, you’d likely think that both Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as their administration, was on the side of justice, speaking for the everyman and eliminating racial prejudice from the country. However, if you think for five seconds about that statement and look at the facts, it’s absolutely clear that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not only does Obama place race at the forefront of every issue, but with his divisive rhetoric, he’s actively harming the law enforcement community, by creating a chaotic work environment within certain communities. To go over the ugly details of the Obamas’ history of racial division and anti-cop practices is Michelle Malkin, a favorite of ours here at Yes I’m Right, as she knows exactly what to say to take down the liberal media, while staying on point and using facts to bury her opponents.

In this clip, she’s talking about Obama and his Administration taking every chance they can to blame America’s problems on racism, and why that’s complete and utter BS. I can’t stop cheering her on.

Amen, Michelle. Amen. The faster we can get this Obama out of office, the better America will be.

(Source: YouTube)