Mexicans Aren’t The Only Ones Crossing The Border Illegally. Look Who Was Just Found Trying To Make It Across

You probably know a coyote as being a large wild dog that runs in a pack and is generally a menace to those living in rural areas. However, we here in the deep south and western areas of the United States know that there’s a much more dangerous coyote.

I’m referring to the Mexican “Coyotaje.” These are criminals that make their living by smuggling Mexican nationals (or anyone with the money) into the United States.

As if the blatant circumvention of our national laws wasn’t bad enough, now instead of just bringing in anyone and everyone who wants to try and strike it rich in the land of opportunity, this smuggling operation is being exploited by terrorists. There has been ample evidence that Muslims are coming in through our southern border, and finally, there’s something being done about it.

Via American Conservative Herald:

“Sharafat Ali Khan, 32, pleaded guilty in a D.C. federal court Wednesday to one count of conspiracy to smuggle undocumented migrants into the U.S. for profit. The Washington Times reported that he will be sentenced this summer and could get up to 46 months in prison, though a lesser sentence is likely.

“Court documents revealed the complexity of Kahn’s operation, which included moving illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Peru and other countries through Brazil to Central America and eventually to Mexico before they would cross the U.S. southern border, Breitbart reported. For some, the journey took as long as nine months.”

In addition to being a criminal, Khan is obviously very entitled, since he actually felt like he should be able to keep his residence in the United States after pulling running his highly illegal and dangerous business.

[ACH] “‘That’s not part of the agreement,’ Walton said, having Khan sign paperwork promising to assist in his own deportation once his sentence is completed.”

From early in his candidacy President Trump has planned to build a wall that would stem the flow of those immigrating illegally.

If you think it’s unfair for him to be kicked out, please realize that this isn’t just a punishment. We have to deal with the fact that many immigrants just don’t have the loyalty to our country that would keep them from facilitating its destruction.

Given, many do, and those who come here legally and integrate are a welcome and vital part of our society. However, freedom in any society is a right that can me quickly revoked if a person jeopardizes that society’s safety.

(Source: American Conservative Herald)