Melania Trump Just Completely Out-Classed Michelle Obama

Melania Trump lacks the brash, in-your-face “appeal” of Michelle Obama, but her quieter charm is transforming the White House.

Michelle barged into Washington guns blazing. She immediately plumped up her staff, employing 16 people at a combined rate of $1.24 million.

Melania is doing things differently. The current first lady trimmed the fat and employs just four people. Her team earns a combined $486,700.

The Obama’s ran an unusually expensive White House. Government spending doesn’t seem to alarm Democrats very much. They treat taxpayer funds as flippantly as though they were playing Monopoly money.

“As with all things that she does, she is being very deliberate in her hiring, focusing on quality over quantity,” Melania’s communications director Stephanie Grisham wrote in an email to Fox News. “It is important to her that the team is a good fit for what she wants to accomplish as first lady, and that everyone works well together. She also wants to be mindful and responsible when it comes to taxpayer money.”

The details of the first lady’s staff are revealed annually in an official report that White House staffers send to Congress. The report contains information about every single person employed by the White House.

According to Fox News: “Both the Obama and Trump administrations acknowledged several additional staffers beyond those listed in the report with the term “first lady” in their titles. But even counting all those employees — 24 for Michelle Obama and nine for the current first lady — Melania Trump’s office is relatively small.”

Melania has proven to be a classier first lady than her predecessor.

(Source: Fox News)