Melania Trump Gave Donald One Piece Of Advice…Then The Crowd Went NUTS! WHOA!

Melania Trump should be first lady no matter who is in office.

Seriously this woman is wise, classy, and light years ahead of Michelle “The Mooch” Obama. When questioned by another favorite of ours, Sean Hannity, during a town hall meeting, Melania responded with an answer that has us cheering and sharing it all over the place! Hannity asked her what advice she gives Donald that helps him out.

Here’s her response.

YES! Melanis we love you and support you and Donald as the first family! This is the kind of wife a President needs, giving solid advice and making him a better man. Not Michelle trying to ruing kids’ lunches and gallivanting all over the world on the tax payer’s dime.

(Source: YouTube)