Megyn Kelly’s Career At NBC Just Got Off To A Terrible Start… How Embarrassing

Poor Megyn Kelly. The prim blond host was chased out of Fox News and her replacement career isn’t going much better.

Last April she booked her first major interview for NBC, her new network. It should have been a home run. Her guests were the Kardashians, a family that’s known for gobbling up every chance of self-promotion they get. An interview with Megyn, however, was too small-ball for some of the family to show up.

Kylie Jenner showed up to the studio but didn’t bother to go to the interview.

“She was supposed to be there, but didn’t show up at the last minute,” a source told the Daily Mail.

The interview itself was pretty bland. Kendall Jenner showed a glimpse of spunk when defending her sister.

“My little sister has an insane business and anyone who says they don’t want their kid to be like that, and have an insane business at 19, and literally be so successful is insane to me,” she said.

Megyn attempted a “tough” question or two, but she didn’t challenge the family when they gave canned answers.

“I have said publicly before, I want to ask you that question. Are you a force for good or for a force for evil?” asked Kelly.

“I think we’ve honestly through our show, we’ve shown so many much more positive things,” Kim coyly responded.

The interview, although it was filmed months ago, aired Wednesday morning on the Today Show.

(Source: Daily Mail)