Megyn Kelly Just Got Blindsided With Horrible News About New Jobs At NBC

NBC is backing a loser. Megyn Kelly is so insufferable that no one’s watching her show, although everyone’s talking about it. Episode one of “Megyn Kelly Today” bombed, and episode two did even worse.

“’Megyn Kelly Today’ also dropped in overall viewers and the key demo from its lead in, while also being down from this time one year ago when Al Roker and Tamron Hall were hosting…” the Daily Mail writes.

Kelly’s show is almost worth watching just to see her flub easy interviews. She insulted the cast of “Will & Grace” in episode one, and continued her humiliation by bashing actress Jane Fonda the next day.

There are definitely legitimate reasons to dislike Fonda. Kelly, however, went lowbrow and attacked Fonda’s penchant for plastic surgery. It was a wildly inappropriate subject for what should have been a lighthearted interview.

Kelly’s attempts to rebrand herself are failing. The blond host was extremely popular when she was on Fox News, but she’s lost her edge. Instead of a tough, hard-hitting interviewer, viewers who watch her new show see a bland, icy woman who’s completely out of touch with reality.

NBC is stubborn, so the network will probably drag out Kelly’s show for a while. I doubt it’ll get any better, but it would be hard for it to get worse.

(Source: Daily Mail)