Megyn Kelly Interviews Double Amputee Vet On Live TV, But That’s When Things Take A Bad Turn

Megyn Kelly’s post Fox News career has been off to a very rough start. The reporter, who was at the top of her profession while at Fox, has become a target for ridicule and hate by the very leftists she’s tried so hard to earn the respect of.

She was a conservative firebrand for a while, but the emergence of Trump saw her start to become less concerned about truth and holding people to account, and more about bolstering her own image. Now that she’s made a big money move to NBC, she’s supposed to be the top dog, but once again, during her latest interview, she made an absolute fool of herself.

As reported at Decider, during a satellite interview with a double amputee veteran on her ratings’ disaster of a show Megyn Kelly Today, Kelly made another blunder when the signal cut out during a live interview.

Rob Jones is a veteran with two prosthetic legs planning to run 31 marathons in one month to raise money for charity. While talking with the man, the signal started cutting out, and rather than handling it like a news veteran herself, she started speaking before thinking.

Without any sense of tact, Kelly pondered if running that many marathons is dangerous and asks Jones “is this safe?” What came next was a cringe-worthy silence and a strange zooming shot of Jones. After a bit, he says he didn’t hear her and asks for her to repeat the question.

So she asks again, “Is this safe, to do 31 marathons in 31 days?” Again, the signal is poor and Jones doesn’t hear her. Eventually, Jones is able to hear the question and responds that he doesn’t care about the safety of his actions, only about the cause. The interview would carry on with more long, embarrassing silences like this, as the delay between questions and answers continued.

It’s only week 3 of Kelly’s self-named show, and already it’s a ratings disaster. She made the move to NBC thinking she’d outgrown Fox and wanted a broader reach and demographic. But she made a serious miscalculation in how she thinks other folks view her.

Leftists despise her for her time at Fox and seemingly conservative views. They have no intention of welcoming her to the liberal network, instead, she’s been a laughingstock amongst reporters and commentators across the media. Hindsight is 20/20, but leaving Fox and her comfort zone was a very bad idea.

Source: Decider