Meghan McCain Slams Idiotic Hillary Clinton Staffers That Promise To “Stop Trump.”

After Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump during this election, many of her staffers were distraught with fear and overcome with emotion. All their work has been for nothing. Now, all the Clinton snowflakes are complaining they cannot find work because of this.

According to reports, many Clinton staffers were so sure of her victory, they banked on getting jobs in her administration. However, since these staffers had no back up plans, they are whining that they are jobless, yet still pledge to stop Trump, whatever that means.

Meghan McCain just doled out an epic dose of reality for these liberal snowflakes. News flash: that’s how life works, you entitled ninnies.

“Who’s going to hire Brian Fallon? He was a terrible spokesperson,” McCain said, referencing Clinton’s former national press secretary. “These people were terrible at their jobs.”

“This is an epic, historic loss that they are going to be tarnished with for the rest of their careers,” McCain continued.

“I think they’re trying to save face; I think they’re trying to not take responsibility and blame everybody else, Russia, whatever,” McCain said. “Couldn’t be that you ran a horrible campaign with a horrible candidate, and I think they’re trying to get work and that’s the only way to do it.”

Here’s a tip:

When no one wants to hire you, do something else. You lost, so no one want to hire you because of the bad job you did. That’s called BUSINESS, something Trump knows a thing or two about.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)