Meghan McCain Shows Meryl Streep That America Doesn’t Give A Sh*t What She Thinks About Trump. Ouch.

Meghan McCain is an incredibly opinionated woman. She is also a conservative and on the side that isn’t just apparently a bunch of collective overpaid, crybaby snowflakes.

After Meryl Streep’s temper tantrum against President-elect Donald Trump at the Golden Globes, McCain took it upon herself to use her voice in social media, and she did, by firing back hard.

It wasn’t just Meryl Streep who took shots at Trump last night. Jimmy Fallon joked tastelessly about the popular vote, Hugh Laurie talked about Hollywood being “outcasts” now, and we all know what Streep said at this point.

But what the mainstream media on the liberal side will never show you is responses like those of McCain. Here’s her thoughts on Hollywood’s hypocrisy before the holiday break:

And today, Meghan unleashed a Twitter storm on the left-wing nutjobs at the Golden Globes. This is awesome:

McCain was followed by countless other Americans who were tired of the liberal elite’s anti-Trump nonsense:

This is why no one cares what Hollywood thinks anymore. They all live in a bubble that is so far removed from normal American society that everything they say proves the divide.

Obama started the division and Hollywood is only driving the wedge deeper. Thankfully we have people like McCain to keep people grounded in reality.