Meet The Radical Muslim Woman Who Could ACTUALLY Destroy American Society

Liberals, feminists, and radical Muslims shouldn’t really be allies. Liberals stand for gay rights and women in power, while radical Muslims like to behead homosexuals and use women like slaves.

Feminists say that women’s bodies should be used for whatever the woman wants to use it for, whether that be proving their prowess in previously male dominated fields or joining the nudist movement to “discover themselves.” Muslims throw acid on women who uncover more than their face and hands and require multiple witnesses to even investigate a rape.

The idea of a radical Muslim feminist is kind of like saying that you’re a pacifist general; you just can’t be both. However, Muslim activist Linda Sarsour has decided that she wants to convince the world that she is both, and the contradictions abound. Political analyst Paul Joseph Watson points out those contradictions and the techniques she uses to avoid addressing them.

(Warning: Strong Language) 

It seems like it’s worth mentioning here that the name Sarsour translates to “cockroach” in English, just FYI.

Sarsour is peddling a Muslim agenda that would allow those who share her vehement dedication to the religion of Islam to flood into this country and carry out plans like Jihad on the White House. She is somehow justifying all of this by focusing on this one lie that Islam is women friendly.

While that is very easily contradicted, it’s not even the most important issue. When she says that she’s “pro-immigrant” she means that she’s trying to pave the way for a huge influx of illegal immigrants to come to the United States and turn it into another Middle East with their hatred and petty wars.

Even if we could swallow that Sharia had changed and they would never ever be mean to us again if we’d just give them another chance because they love us there are still a boat load of problems that it brings which cause those who follow it to act outside of what our national laws allow. In case you didn’t know this, bullies don’t change, they just pretend long enough to gain your trust and get close enough to strike again.

(Source: Paul Joseph Watson